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  1. Heron Emergency Food Centre is an emergency service to be used once a month.

  2. All clients must register by providing identifying information before receiving food. Registration must be completed before the posted closing time. All information is confidential.

  3. Chairs are placed in the waiting area one half hour before the food bank opens according to the posted schedule. You are asked not to loiter in the halls before the chairs are available.

  4. Clients will be served in order of arrival.

  5. Heron Emergency Food Centre has been assigned a designated distribution area by the Ottawa Food Bank. If your address is not within our designated distribution area you will be provided with a one-time only supply of food and then directed to a food centre in your area. (For a comprehensive list of food centres in the city see the Ottawa Food Bank search tool for member agencies)

  6. Heron Emergency Food Centre is not associated with the Heron Road Community Centre, other than occupying assigned space within the building.


  1. As of 2020, a basic 7-day supply of food is provided to all clients according to Heron Emergency Food Centre guidelines . Additional supplies depend on public donations and may vary month to month both in quantity and variety.

  2. Heron Emergency Food Centre will attempt to accommodate individual preferences however may not be able to provide special requests including halal food and special dietary requirements.

  3. Heron Emergency Food Centre does not provide food past the Expiry Date.

  4. Heron Emergency Food Centre may provide food up to one year past the Best Before Date which is not the same as an Expiry Date.

  5. Heron Emergency Food Centre is not obliged to exchange or substitute received items.

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