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What Happens TO Your Donation?

Monetary donations, which are tax-deductible, are crucial to support the ever increasing numbers of individuals and families which rely on our service.


Every dollar donated is used to purchase food over and above what we receive from the Ottawa Food Bank, often including fresh vegetables and fruit, or special dietary food needs. Donations also help us to cover urgent, unforeseen costs which may arise due to equipment breakdown, power outages, refrigeration, insufficient storage capacity, etc.


The City of Ottawa provides us with a rent-free space and a monetary grant which meets the majority of our administrative costs.

The many volunteers that help the Centre to operate means that we do not have to use monetary donations to ensure its function.


  • Teams of volunteers help us each day we are open by: purchasing bulk food; retrieving food donated by various stores; unpacking, sorting and stocking food in the Centre; putting together client food packages; repackaging dry bulk food into individual portions; and helping us with client registration. 

  • Our volunteer Board of Directors helps guide the Centre's operation, manages its financial situation, liaises with the City, creates content for the website and social media accounts, and ensures that the Centre operates in manner aligned with its obligations to the Ottawa Food Bank.

Should you wish to support HEFC with a directed donation, please call us to understand our needs.


Secure monetary donations can be made online by clicking the button below.

You may also mail your donation to our office post box:
P.O. Box 39110

Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7Z5

Or deliver it in person during operating hours

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