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Behind the Scenes

It takes a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure that HEFC can manage its operation.

Our Coordinator Louise is supported by her right-hand dedicated volunteer Celeste. Together these two women manage the entire operation, including the volunteers. They are a force to be reckoned with!

Every Tuesday is delivery day from the Ottawa Food Bank. The delivery has to be unpacked, sorted, organized, placed on shelves, and some bulk things (especially vegetables) have to be repackaged into individually sized bundles. Many of these items are used up by the end of service on Wednesday evening.

Wednesday evening another team of volunteers comes in to repackage bulk oats, rice, sugar, powdered milk, tea, coffee, dried beans and legumes. It's quite the operation!

HEFC must purchase additional fresh bread, vegetables, fruits and eggs for Thursday and Friday. These deliveries arrive on Thursday and also must be sorted and repackaged.

Below are some pictures of the food delivery from the Ottawa Food Bank, together with some of the HEFC's team of volunteers who are unpacking and sorting.

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