2018 AnNNUAL REPort

Chairman's annual report for 2018 delivered at the April 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Mission Statement: To act as a food bank for the benefit of the population of South East Ottawa, distributing food directly to the needy by arranging for, collecting, processing, storing and distributing food. 

As our web site states “There is nothing complicated about what we do. Working with the Ottawa Food Bank, supported by the City of Ottawa and assisted by the generosity of the churches and local residents, HEFC receives food in bulk and purchases items that are needed to supplement what has been donated to ensure that the three-day, emergency supply of food that we provide will meet the nutritional needs of our clients.


As I was preparing this report, I checked on what I had said in previous years. In 2014, I remarked on the phenomenal 54.3% increase in numbers served in the previous four years and our financial position that was continuing to deteriorate so that, if we continued on that path, there would be no choice but to cut the amount of food we provide. In fact, we did have to start
cutting down on the food we supplied.


As you have heard in the Executive Coordinator’s , Treasurer’s and Buyer’s reports, there has definitely been a turnaround. Our numbers are down mainly, we believe, because the Herongate townhouses were torn down to make way for a new development. Some of our clients have relocated outside our area. The financial position is much better as the city continues to provide
us with free accommodations and our grant has increased every year, donations from the community and particularly the Christmas concerts and the walkathon have also, increased, and the Ottawa Food Bank has supplied us with more food.. As the buyer’s report made clear, we have consequently been able to increase the food we provide to our clients.


For this happy situation, there are many to thank. Our volunteers provide thousands of hours of service without which we could not function. The community we serve also has to be thanked. Their generosity both financially and in donations of food are indispensable. As always, Louisa deserves our thanks for her indefatigable devotion to serving our clients
always with compassion and good humour. When Harold had health issues and could not do the buyer’s job for a few months, it was a reminder of how much he does for HEFC and how difficult it is to replace his constant search for bargains to pick up and deliver. Fortunately, he has recovered and is back as a pillar of HEFC. A person who deserves special thanks is Nanette Whitwam. Nanette has been a board member for ? years. A cheerful voice of common sense, she will indeed be missed.


In fact, as I am now the longest serving member of the board, I can say that the situation has never been better. Our financial team has our books in tiptop shape and providing tax receipts, which was for years a major problem, is now a smoothly running process. It is indeed much better to chair meetings that are considering what more we can provide to our clients than it was
to preside at meetings that considered cuts.

Thank you.

Greg Yost

Chair, Board of Directors
Heron Emergency Food Centre

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