Serving the needs of South East Ottawa.
One of  The Ottawa Food Bank’s Member Agencies  

How we Help

Mission Statement - To act as a food bank for the beneficiaries of
the population of South east Ottawa, distributing food directly to the
needy by arranging for, collecting, processing, storing and distributing food.

Heron Emergency Centre Facts

There is nothing complicated about what we do. Working with the Ottawa Food
Bank, supported by the City of Ottawa and assisted by the generosity of the
churches and local residents, HEFC receives food in bulk and purchases items
that are needed to supplement what has been donated to ensure that the three
day emergency supply of food that we provide wil meet the nutritional needs of
our clients. Over the years, we have developed a dedicated volunteer base that allows
us to distribute a remarkable amount of food at an astonishingly low cost.
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Contact:  hefc-info@rogers.com      Phone:  613-737-9090